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mineCAD is designed to bridge the gap between drafting CAD systems
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mineCAD is the CAD package designed for the minerals industry. This advanced CAD and plotting tool has the ability to produce production quality plots in a dynamic environment.
The package consists of advanced CAD software that promotes mine design in 3D, and other standard CAD components such as annotation, and dimensioning.
In addition, it incorporates a Design Manager to manage design projects from Mine2-4D, a Layer Control component to easily manage and manipulate object-oriented design elements, and a Plot management component to manage user access, plot versions, history and file archives.
For decades, engineers, rock mechanics, surveyors, and geologists have battled with mining software. While the majority of mining packages are excellent at attribute handling and 3D design, they lack in basic drafting tools and their printing capabilities are consistently poor.
CAD packages, such as AutoCAD and MicroStation®, have the drafting and printing tools but lack in their ability to design in 3D and manage data.
mineCAD has all the "nice to have" drafting and printing tools of the popular CAD packages together with advanced attribute and data handling, and excellent 3D design functionality.
Main features:
-Structured layout
-Plot Management
-Mining software
-CAD functionality
-Mining functionality
-Design intelligence
-Easy to use
-Integrated with popular mining software and CAD packages
-Inbuilt scripting engine

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